As the end of your commercial lease is approaching, or if you are vacating your property early, you will need to be meeting your lease obligations ready to hand the property back. To help make this process as easy as possible, our dilapidations service can take care of all necessary works - and help you meet that all important, and in most cases, nonmoveable hand-over date without incurring any penalties.

Services & Infrastructure 

Our dilapidations team can help you work out what needs to be completed and when it needs to be completed to meet the legal agreements you have with your Landlord prior to you handing back the space. We look after all the affected services, M&E, HVAC, Alarms, Data, Partitioning, Flooring etc 

Decoration & Finishes

During our commercial dilapidations, our decorators can return all decorated elements to their original condition including repairing all finishes. 

Removal of unwanted equipment, fittings & furniture

We can look after the removal of all unwanted equipment, fittings & furniture etc so you can hand back the space as it should be inline with your lease agreement