How much does an Office Fit Out cost?

With Officeinsight you can expect your 2019 Office Fit Out project to cost anywhere in the region of £15 to £50 per Sq Ft or £160 to £540 per Sq Meter depending on the specification and scope of your fit out project. 

The cost of an office fit out project is heavily influenced which category your fit out falls under along with the products specified such as furniture, lighting and flooring. Officeinsight endeavour to provide honest guidance when breaking down the cost of your office fit out project, keep costs reasonable without comprimising on the quality of the finished space.

What are the different types of Office Fit Out?

There are three types of fit out; shell and coreCategory A and Category B, let's look at each in more detail:

Shell & Core  

A developer may complete a building without any type of interior fit out. In this case you will be left with the empty shell of an office with exposed concrete ceilings and wiring with only communal areas finished to any particular standard.

Category A Fit Out

‘Cat A’ office fit outs will cover basic needs such as mechanical and electrical services, floor coverings and fire safety features. The occupier will need to complete a Category B fit out to meet the specific needs of their business.

Category B Fit Out

A ‘Cat B’ fit out is where a company designs and builds a space around their specific requirements meaning no two projects are the same. A Cat B Office fit out will include partitions, doors, bespoke joinery, breakout spaces and furniture.

Looking to embark on a office fit out project but not sure how much it will cost? We would love to hear from you