Office refurbishment costs per square metre 2019

An office refurbishment will typically cost £15 to £50 per Sq Ft. or £160 to £540 per Sq Meter, however, a higher specification of refurbishment may result in costs higher than our estimates. If you're looking to get an idea of the cost of your office refurbishment, our Project Directors are on hand to answer any and all office refurbishment queries.

Office refurbishments costs are heavily influenced by the products specified or being put forward. It, therefore, can give you a confused idea on whether you are getting value for your money.  

Even a slightly higher specification of office furniture, for example, can have a huge impact on the cost per square foot for the office refurbishment project.  

Another element that can affect the costs is the condition of the building, obviously if the building is run down and unsafe, then this could potentially affect the costs.

At Officeinsight we like to make the office refurbishment costs as simple, clear and straight forward as possible. We create a plan and a quotation; the quotation is created as a schedule, split into the different elements of the shop like a 'shopping list', breaking down the individual refurbishment costs against each item description.