Today’s Office Space And Hybrid Working

In some sense, we believe in the power of place; this speaks to the idea that space, especially office space, can do more than fulfil functional needs.

The global pandemic has hit everyone as well as businesses hard. We have had to adapt to new ways of living, including social distancing measures, working from home and other social restrictions. For some, it has been more accessible than others. However, the office space helps to convey values, bring people together and empower a sense of cohesion and belonging.

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How To Add Personality To Your Office Space | Guest Blog

Sometimes interior design is all about the small things and, when it comes to office space, making your workplace aesthetically pleasing comes down to just this. Your employees could have the most exciting job, but if they’re having to work in a dull and monochrome office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, then this is going to have some kind of impact on their productivity. Your office space can have a huge impact on company culture and adding some personality and colour to your office space is a small and simple way you can refresh the space.

In an office space, the layout of the room doesn’t need changing and the furniture won’t need to be updated as it will already be functional and fit the space. Often, if you want to refresh your office space, then adding some personality and giving the décor an update can completely transform your office space, making it all the more enjoyable for your employees. Here are some ways that you can add some personality to your office space.

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Tips For Desk Organisation

Working from your desk all day and every day can seem like a daunting thing to do. However, there are ways in which you can create a better, more comfortable environment for when sitting at your desk from 9 to 5. A decluttered work desk leads to a decluttered mindset, increasing productivity, while an organised desk looks more inviting.

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Adapting your office space to embrace hot desk working | Guest Blog

As technological advancements help tighten the bond between colleagues, customers and employers, virtual communication software allows for seamless online interactions. By minimising the quality gap between physical and virtual conversations, workplaces can integrate remote and home working as a permanent working style without interruption to business operations or service delivery.

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We Are Creating Vlogs

In case you were not already aware, Officeinsight is now fully engaged in a digital marketing era and the up rise of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn with our projects. It can be challenging to showcase exactly what we get up to as a team in and outside the office without it seeming repetitive or boring. Therefore, we have decided to mix up our content a little and provide you with some vlogs!

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We’ve Joined Just One Tree!

At Officeinsight, we are firm believers in giving back to the environment and in the power of individual actions adding up to a big difference. We want to remain sustainable throughout every office fit out we do, so we have partnered with JUST ONE Tree.

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