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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Expert When Designing Your New Office Space

You might think that hiring a professional to look after your office interiors is an expensive task. You might think that getting bob the builder or other labourers will work out cheaper for your new office fit-out. However, these days, it is very much possible to get the perfect interior designer and fit-out for your workplace.

Here at Officeinsight, we provide interior design specialists who deliver office design, office refurbishment, and office fit-out projects – lucky for you; you are not alone!

Having an interior designer help guide you with your project is a necessity, more than anything else. Your finished workspace cannot leave you thinking – "This could have been better", and therefore, below are five reasons why you must invest in an interior designer:

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5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Come Back to the Office Post Covid

23rd March 2020. The day that the UK was put into lockdown, to minimise travel and the dreaded words ‘stay at home’. Many workplaces - maybe including yours- had to adapt to this and start working from home and start putting staff members onto the Furlough scheme. For some, this meant a comfortable life of not having to work, or finding it easier and more relaxing to work from home and attending zoom meetings. The difficult stage is now, when your employees discover that actually, they prefer working from home, they prefer not having to take time out of their day to travel to work, or they may be worried about their safety coming back into office or their daily commute to work.

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We Can Bring You a VR Experience Like No Other!

With the modern era becoming more enticed to the technology, it is important for us, Office Insight, to provide the most unique experiences when you come to visit our showroom.
Is there any other way to provide an experience where you can see your final design in a completely different world like VR? Because we do not think there is!

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How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Are you currently questioning how much office space your company is going to need? It is a tricky one with the current climate; however, at Office Insight, we get this question every day. We have helped many clients post and pre-COVID-19 with their office fit-outs.

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Define, Design, Deliver: The Define Tool

Are you unsure on how your office space will be used after the pandemic? Will you need smaller meeting rooms? More meeting rooms? What percentage of your staff can work from home? Will your colleagues feel safe when returning to the office? What are your occupancy levels? How will you use your space going forwards?

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