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How much does it cost to fit out an office?

Throughout the UK, the average cost of an office fit out varies per square metre.

An office fit out is a significant project that most often involves space planning, design and build. In the majority of office fit outs there’s a requirement to install meeting rooms, break out areas, new partitioning, lighting and office furniture, which is why the scope of the project can vary considerably depending on the different features, location, timescale and overall specification you require to complete the project.

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Biophilia: blending nature into the office space

Whilst the outdoors has many mental and physical health benefits, it can be difficult to integrate this into your workspace. However, there is a solution by incorporating Biophilia within your office. It may sound philosophical, but its so much more than this as its been proven to support cognitive function, and both psychological well-being and physical health. As the pandemic continues to make WFH a more favourable position, making small changes in your space to include the biophilic concept could help to encourage your employees to come back into the office.

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New year; New Office Trends for 2022.

As the past two years, in terms of office spaces, have provided a rollercoaster ride for the use of our offices. 2020 brought the office home and introduced the remote working era. 2021 continued with some remote working but as the pandemic flattened, also allowed for some in-office working. What will 2022 bring?
To put it simply, offices will be seeing efficiency, functionality and comfort as the top priorities as the need to adapt to methods such as hybrid working rise in popularity.

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