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Stay in the Black – Go Green

The phrase “going green” has become commonplace. There are a number of good ideas that can be implemented around the office that are good for business, good for the environment and that won’t put a strain on the bank balance, we look at a handful of them.

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Team Photography Competition

We decided to host our very first team photography competition. We asked our amazing team to turn in the best photos they could muster. Now it's up to you! We would like our followers across our social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) to vote for their favourite by commenting with the letter that corresponds to their favourite photo.

Are cheap disposable ball point pens giving you a headache? Fear not! The first 5 people to vote across all our social media platforms will win a incredible, limited edition, one of a kind Officeinsight Parker pen! Doodle until your heart is content with this fantastic prize!

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