A series of blog posts looking into various trends and movements that have shaped the office space.

How Nature Can Build a Better Office Future

Over the past year, most of us have had our lives flipped upside down. With the addition of working from home, home-schooling, cut off physical contact, no social life with friends and family, it is safe to say the pandemic has hit us all hard. However, with all this time and space to think, we have been able to think about the essential things. It has proved to be possible to work from home, have a Saturday night in on the sofa and or spend more time in nature. The less commuting, fewer emissions, and creating less impact on the environment and the planet as a result.

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Just How Smart is Smart Glass?

Smart glass, also known as electrochromic glass and switchable glass has been around for several years at this point. Along with the pursuit of the ‘smart’ home, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for offices and homes alike, not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its energy saving abilities.

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Office Refurbishment - Bringing The Outdoors In

When you are thinking about an office refurb, the average person would think how much space do I need, how many boardrooms, how many seats?

However, one of the most important questions you should be asking is how may plants will I need in my office refurbishment?

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Our Office Future

We take a look at some of the technologies that are being integrated into the modern workplace and what the future holds for the traditional office.

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