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​7 Office Health and Safety Tips to Improve Workplace Wellness

On average, we spend about 90,000 hours at the office over our lifetime. Unfortunately, some working conditions can lead to stress and poor overall health of your employees. Statistics indicate that 83% of US workers will suffer from work-related stress. It is, therefore, essential that an employer provides a comfortable and safe work environment for employees.

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7 Office Redecoration Tips That Boost Employee Productivity

A refurbished office can create positive effects in the work environment. Employees don't want to sit in a cubicle all day, hunched on their keyboards and squinting at their computer screens. The environment needs to be inspiring and overall a nice place to be. If you want to increase productivity, here are some office redecoration tips to improve your workplace environment.

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A Guide to the Big Office Move!

Many of our clients approach us when they are considering an office relocation. This guide walks you through some things to consider when preparing for the big move. Whether it be the IT implications, the type of property you go for, or how your office fit out is financed - this guide makes sure you leave no stone un-turned on the big office fit out project! Check out our other articles to proceed with the office interior design element!

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Adapting your office space to embrace hot desk working | Guest Blog

As technological advancements help tighten the bond between colleagues, customers and employers, virtual communication software allows for seamless online interactions. By minimising the quality gap between physical and virtual conversations, workplaces can integrate remote and home working as a permanent working style without interruption to business operations or service delivery.

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Company culture by design

Your company culture has the power to make or break a business. So it goes without saying that it plays an important role. Find out how workplace design can influence your company culture.

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