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Our collection of guest blog posts featuring articles from business leaders, designers and marketers from the Office design and workplace industries.

How To Make Your Office Eco-friendly

​Today’s pollution and damage to the planet is highly documented for every one of us to see and provides us with a small taste of what’s truly going on in the world. Join us on our journey to work as a team and make the office green in 5 simple steps.

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The Productivity Buzzword And How To Maximise It!

Running a successful office is a complicated endeavour. A good design and office fit out company will understand your productivity needs early on in the interior design process. The importance of worker productivity and satisfaction is an often-underestimated factor that has a big impact on a company’s bottom line.

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Top reasons why companies need teambuilding

Team building us good for employees, good for managers, and good for the company. We asked Danny Horwood from Foxtrail London, who offer an innovative scavenger hunt designed to get groups working together, to share his insight into effective team-building and its many benefits.

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What Graduates and Millennials Look For in Their First Workplace

Millennials and members of Gen Z are leaving school and university to set off into the world of work. One could forgive them for being tentative about their futures. The list of prospective challenges they may face can make for ugly reading but members of Gen Z are actually pretty confident about their financial future. We wanted to take a deeper look at what Millennials and Gen Z look for in their first workplace and what employers might need to look at in order to find and keep the best talent.

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