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Our collection of guest blog posts featuring articles from business leaders, designers and marketers from the Office design and workplace industries.

Guest Blog | Five Things To Consider When Relocating Offices

An office plays a vital role for many businesses – it’s a place for hosting client meetings, showcasing brand identity and interacting with the team. Workplace requirements may change as businesses evolve. Therefore relocation is often needed to reflect the changing demands of the business. So here are 5 things to consider when relocating offices.

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Guest Blog | How can an open-plan office stimulate employee interaction?

Open-plan offices are almost a commonplace of modern working, complemented by slick systems and minimal interiors, revitalising traditional working and reforming the way employees interact. By structuring the placement of workspaces in a visually uniform manner, taking into consideration the ergonomics, employers can boost staff productivity and enhance the way they work.

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Guest Blog | How has Coworking Space Transformed Businesses?

When it comes down to developing business, huge corporations and companies enjoy coworking spaces for the same reasons that aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers do.
They have incredible networking possibilities and access to some incredible inventive skills. Coworking spaces also provide some financial relief (because the cost of setting up an independent office can be substantial) and creative inspiration is never far away! Now working in the space of co-workers has given a rise to small businesses, individual contractors and other workers the space to work in their own comfort and ease, to get the work done and to interact with their local business community.

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Guest Blog | How Remote Working Creates an Inclusive Culture

Thanks to the Equality Act 2010, it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against any employee or potential employee under the following areas: Age, Sex, race, Disability, Pregnancy, Marital Status, Sexual orientation, Gender reassignment, Religious background while it’s a good thing the above areas are protected by law, workplaces are run by humans, and all humans have their personal prejudices and biases, whether these prejudices and biases are conscious or unconscious.

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Guest Blog | How To Brighten Up Your Office Space

If you are planning to open a new business in a space that has not been previously used or you are thinking to transform your existing office space that has no windows, then the best way to do so is by incorporating different lighting ideas that would instantly brighten up your office space. This involves creating the best electrical networks and connections as done by the electrician. Also, the electrician will keep all the appliances in proper condition by regular maintenance.

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