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3 of the best ways to stimulate the return to work

Return to work. These could be the words that your employees are dreading of hearing. After over a year of going through various lockdown stages, the workplace is starting to open up again with employers, maybe you included, trying to encourage your employees to return to work. Whilst working remotely has had its difficulties, you and the rest of your employees may have found that you have all easily slipped into a new routine, that you all enjoy having less travel time and that the thought of returning to work is very overwhelming and daunting. However, as an employer, this is when your employees need you the most to encourage and motivate them back into the office. Read on to find out the 3 best ways for effective stimulation to the return to work.

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How to Create an Inclusive Culture for Remote Workers

With the current epidemic effecting every area of life, from social events, lockdown, reduced travel, even some shops closing their doors temporarily - the list goes on - and the one very pertinent area its affected is where you work. With the vast majority of those employed being forced to transfer their usual work habits to work-at-home habits, as the country went into lockdown. This made it even more critical, and more challenging for the HR department. Especially, as life smooths out once again, and maybe your fellow co-workers - or your employees prefer remote working, and the question is: How can you make sure that the culture of the office is inclusive for those working-from-home?

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Office Storage: How Much Do You Really Need?

It’s the question that is regularly asked and is difficult to answer because there is no straight answer. This is because every business is different, has a different set of standards and is run by different people, which is a good thing, right? As this gives each business the variety that is needed, however, the need for office storage is the same and whether you’re looking to go paperless or maybe just need some encouragement to sort through those old filing cabinets you have been avoiding for the last year, hopefully the question as to how much office storage you need can be answered.

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Officeinsight: 2019 In Review

This year has seen the Officeinsight team go from strength to strength, with the completion of several large commercial design projects, some new faces and of course plenty of new clients and suppliers. Lets take a look at the key events which made 2019 a memorable year for Officeinsight…

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