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Officeinsight: 2019 In Review

This year has seen the Officeinsight team go from strength to strength, with the completion of several large commercial design projects, some new faces and of course plenty of new clients and suppliers. Lets take a look at the key events which made 2019 a memorable year for Officeinsight…

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Sustainable Workspaces

Real estate is responsible for 40% of the worlds carbon emissions and we are trying to make practical commitments to reduce the issue as a result.
Co-working spaces that are not making a conscious effort to be environmentally sustainable are seen as outdated. The importance behind sustainability whether to adopt this within your organisation, can really make or else break your business. People want to see your conscious efforts and values in action.

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The Best Doors For Office Interior

Every workspace has a different layout and interior style, meaning the requirement for unique and other features such as doors and windows. It all depends on the aesthetic of your space and the design route you want to go down. While different designs and styles help complement your office décor, it is also essential to consider the main elements, such as doors and how they operate within a chosen design.

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