Things to Think About

A collection of blog posts listing things to think about when in certain situations such as looking for a new office.

5 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Office

We are all becoming more conscious of our impact on the planet, and we realise that there are little things that we can adjust to reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve nature for generations to come. Often, workplaces have a long way to go when it comes to being more environmentally friendly but here are 5 tips to help.

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5 Tips for Better Posture in Your Work Life

​We all know what its like to be chair-bound all day, with the only break at lunch-time when you head to the fridge to find something to satisfy your stomachs longings. As technology keeps us strapped to computers and electronic devices, more of us are finding ourselves in the same situation and are sitting for longer periods of time than ever before. Consequently, our health is suffering. Before you contemplate asking if you can swap your desk job to one that requires a bit more activity and exercise, there is one thing you can do to improve your health right now: improve your posture and sit correctly. To avoid the effects of a lifetime of sitting, read on to learn how to find and maintain good posture.

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5 Tips to Make your Office More Environmentally Friendly

It’s not just large industries who can have help to mitigate the impacts of climate change, but rather changing the habits of every individual can have a small but impactful effect on preventing a climate catastrophe. This blog looks at 5 ways employers can make their office more environmentally friendly.

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5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Come Back to the Office Post Covid

23rd March 2020. The day that the UK was put into lockdown, to minimise travel and the dreaded words ‘stay at home’. Many workplaces - maybe including yours- had to adapt to this and start working from home and start putting staff members onto the Furlough scheme. For some, this meant a comfortable life of not having to work, or finding it easier and more relaxing to work from home and attending zoom meetings. The difficult stage is now, when your employees discover that actually, they prefer working from home, they prefer not having to take time out of their day to travel to work, or they may be worried about their safety coming back into office or their daily commute to work.

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6 Things to Think About Office Safety

Today is Friday the 13th and whilst there aren’t any people fleeing in terror from a rampaging Jason Voorhees it still seemed appropriate to look at safety in the workplace and what companies and employees can do to avoid accidents not only on this superstitious Friday but all year round.

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