Things to Think About

A collection of blog posts listing things to think about when in certain situations such as looking for a new office.

6 Things to Think About Office Safety

Today is Friday the 13th and whilst there aren’t any people fleeing in terror from a rampaging Jason Voorhees it still seemed appropriate to look at safety in the workplace and what companies and employees can do to avoid accidents not only on this superstitious Friday but all year round.

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7 Things to Think About Designing an Office

Whether you are looking to work with an office design and build specialist like ourselves or make some minor changes in-house to mix things up and refresh your business there are many elements to consider and that can be overwhelming. We list 7 things to think about when designing an office.

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A Simple Office Fit Out Checklist

Officeinsight have put together an office fit out checklist to assist with any potential office fit out or design project, covering aspects such as setting objectives, budgets and choosing a design partner.

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Designing the office space for high productivity

Interior design possesses the power to boost energy, mood, wellbeing and promote productivity. This weeks blog explores how office design can have an impact on motivating employees to work at maximum efficiency whilst keeping their physical and mental wellbeing at the forefront of the design process.

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