Things to Think About

A collection of blog posts listing things to think about when in certain situations such as looking for a new office.

Improving Employee Mental Health through Workplace Design

In this week’s blog we suggest six ways your workplace can be designed to improve employee mental health. Although workplace design isn’t a one-stop cure for employee mental health challenges, careful office design can help to alleviate certain stressors and triggers for those employees who suffer with mental health challenges.

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Is Air Quality Killing Productivity?

There are a lot of suspects in the hunt for the killer of productivity in the workplace. Everything from sitting down to a lack of natural light has been put under the microscope, some go more unnoticed than others and some are completely invisible.

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Love your workplace – Sustainability

​It is essential to love and want the best for your environment and the environment where you work. Responsible, creative, and dedicated designs define sustainability. It is necessary to consider avoiding the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.

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